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Odour Free Balls

Refrigerator balls that helps you remove unpleasant odors, is free of Harmful Gases, free of Sick Building Syndrome and best of all it is made from 100% Natural Materials.


* 100% eco-friendly natural materials
* Free of chemical components
* 99.9% antibacterial
* Eliminates most unpleasant odors and harmful gases (Sick Building Syndrome) without any chemical reaction
* Made with strong absorbent Wellos MG, antibacterial and far-infrared ceramic pellets
* Maintains air freshness. Removes unpleasant odors and harmful gases such as formaldehyde and Ammonia.
* Eliminates germs and harmful pathogens.
* Preserves food freshness longer by removing harmful gases such as ethylene and carbon dioxide.
* Absorbs excessive moisture and adds life to refrigerator.