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OrganiCleanse works at its maximum power for about 365 washes. It is important to note ‘maximum power’ because other companies claim to work for 1000 washes, however after the 300-400th wash, none of these work as efficiently since the ceramic beads inside are significantly reduced in size at this point. This means that OrganiCleanse is only purchased about once a year.

To accurately answer that question
"how much is your laundry costing you?", first answer the following :

* How often do you wash your laundry?
* Do you have any kids? (their laundry often requires more detergent)
* How effective is your laundry detergent?
With OrganiCleanse you can skip out on the rinse cycle since there are no soapy residues to rinse out. This can save from 20 to 40 gallons of water in each wash load! Also, bear in mind that 90% of the energy used by a washing machine is for heating water. With the OrganiCleanse, hot water is unnecessary, helping you conserve energy and save big on electric bills!

* Save money
* Save the planet
* Reduce water use
* Stop using toxic detergents
* YES your clothes will be clean!